Women in Magazines is a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the relationship between women and magazines, broadly defined.  This includes depictions of women in magazines as well as women’s varied roles as readers, contributors and producers of magazines and magazine content.  Members come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and investigate a broad time period from the late eighteenth century to the present day.

The purpose of the network is to allow members to share information (Call for Papers, new publications etc.) and to draw upon each other’s knowledge of the field (for example, requesting suggestions of secondary literature on a particular topic).

The network began after a successful international conference entitled ‘Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption’ held at Kingston University, London, in June 2012.  An edited collection based on papers given at this event is forthcoming with Routledge in spring 2016.  Two further conferences have followed: Gender, Race and Representation in Magazines and New Media (Cornell University, October 2013) and Consuming/Culture: Women and Girls in Print and Pixels (Oxford Brookes University, June 2015).  Plans for a fourth gathering are also underway.

To join the mailing list, please email womeninmagazines@gmail.com.

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